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PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. York Road has begun the process of implementing some PBIS strategies into our school this year. To explain our expectations to the students, we use PAWS.

PAWS stands for:



Works Hard


With any rule, we refer back to these 4 basic ideas. We started the year by reviewing what our behavior should look like all around the building. We visited each area, discussed, and even practiced appropriate PAWS expectations. We also introduced "Paws up!" This is a quick way to get the attention of every student. They hold their hands up, silence their voices, and turn their attention to the person who is speaking.

PAWS Rewards

At the start of the year, we introduced a new behavior reward. Entire classes can earn a Paw in any special area class for perfect behavior. That may look a little different in each class, depending on expectations and what the kids are doing. Paws are announced at the end of the school day over the intercom so the entire school hears when a class earns one. There are also rewards that come with earning a certain number of Paws.

5 Paws-Class Picture is on the GOLDEN PAWS Wall near the front office

10 Paws-Special Treat in the Cafeteria

15 Paws-Extra Special Area Class of Your Choice

20 Paws-Extra 30 Minutes at Field Day

25 Paws-Walk to Burger King for lunch paid for by Mr. Robinson!

Many of our classes are now on the Golden PAWS Wall and 3 have already earned their Special Treat. We hope to see many more!

Golden PAWS Wall


An individual reward that was introduced for grades 3-5 when we returned from break is a Brag Tag.

Brag Tags are Paw charms that are given to students for continuous excellent behavior that exemplifies our PAWS rules. Each student has a necklace with their ID. They leave it at school each afternoon and put it on when they arrive in the mornings. The necklaces are the student's responsibility, and they can be taken if they become a distraction. They can only receive a Paw when they are wearing their necklace. This is reinforcing our Accountable rule. When students get 5 paws (which can be earned from any staff member in the building), they are able to go see Mr. Robinson to trade out their paws for a more personal charm. When they earn 5 of the Personal Brag Tags, they can start spending them for prizes in Mrs. Jackson's store! We have hit the ground running with these and many students are beginning to trade out their paws for new brag tags!

Brag Tags